Sunscreens & Zincs

We are so excited to partner with People4Ocean to bring you this amazing range of sun care products which have been co-formulated by marine biologists and dermal scientists.  Here's why you should make the switch to People4Ocean:
These products are 100% Australian made with solar power, using sustainable practices and encased in plant-based packagings. They are also cruelty-free.
Made from 100% natural and organic creams to protect the most sensitive skins, including your children and toddlers. 

Did you know that most regular sunscreens contain up to 20 chemical compounds? The People4Ocean difference is clear. No chemicals, no worries. Our sunscreens:

  • Are co-formulated with Australian skincare experts from LaGaia 
  • Contain ingredients carefully selected for optimal skin protection and health
  • Include 100% mineral active ingredients, meaning no absorption into the skin or bloodstream
  • Exclusively use Zinc Oxide, the best rated UV-blocker for health and effectiveness against UVA & UVB rays (according to the Environmental Working Group). Zinc sunscreens are recommended by dermatologists for UV protection of sensitive skin
  • Include formulas enhanced with vitamins to minimise oxidative stress and promote skin recovery
  • Have no added water, synthetics, alcohols, endocrine disruptors or preservatives – we’re 100% chemical free!


Lastly, they are reef-safe. Free of water polluting ingredients, and fully bio-degradeable, you can feel great knowing that part of your purchase also funds reef conservation.

Our range of sunscreens are co-formulated with marine biologists and experts in reef conservation. A lot of research has gone into engineering our products, ensuring they are as safe as possible for marine life and coral reefs (with the most recent science available) whilst being effective for people and long hours under the sun and in the water. 

All of our products are compliant with the Hawaii Sunscreen Ban, but we go even further: excluding all 14 toxins known as marine contaminants according to Haereticus Environmental Laboratory.

Our sunscreens are 3 hours water-resistant, ensuring minimum amounts of product leach off into the environment and that it stays where it’s meant to be: on your skin!
We are so proud to partner with such an amazing company who shares in our passion for protecting skin and caring for our environment.